Annual Appeal Update – $1.8M Still to Raise  
After a year dominated by distance learning in 2020/21, it is incredible to have our campuses come alive once again this year. The opportunities available to students through donations to MBEF have eased the transition to in-person learning and made learning fun once again. In order to keep MBEF Funded Programs in our schools for the coming year, we rely on generous donations from parents and community members to the Annual Appeal. With just seven weeks to go and only 65% of our $5 million goal, we have much work to do. It takes the participation of every family in our district, whether with a large or small donation, to sustain the programs students love and parents have come to expect. Please donate today!

Thank you to those who have already contributed to the 2021/22 Annual Appeal – check out the complete list of all 2021/22 Annual Appeal Donors. Special thanks to our Lead Annual Appeal Donors who have donated $6,000 or more. As a supporter, please advocate for MBEF and encourage support from your friends and neighbors. It takes every one of us!


The History of School Funding in California and Its Impact on Manhattan Beach
To understand why there is a need for an organization like the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation to support our community schools, it is important to first understand the history of public-school funding in California. It's an alarming, and often unknown fact, that education funding in our Golden State is far below other states. According to data recently released by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, California is the fifth largest economy in the world and the wealthiest state in the nation with the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at over $3 million. Households earn more than $10,000 above the national average – but yet, California spends significantly less on meeting educational goals and addressing the needs of its six million students. How is this possible – and more importantly, how can it be rectified? Read more here...


MBEF EXPO Showcasing Programs on January 30th
Learn more about MBEF funded programs and meet the educators involved at the first ever MBEF EXPO on Sunday, January 30th from 2-5pm at Pacific Elementary. MBUSD families will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the programs firsthand. From MakerSpace at the elementary schools, to music in the middle school, to the College and Career Center at the high school, this is a day of exploration for kids and parents alike. Look for more details to come in early January.


Sportsmanship, Teamwork and Exercise – MBUSD PE Teachers at Work
Ask any elementary student what they look forward to most during their school day and, more often than not, they will say PE. There are many reasons why PE is a student’s favorite – fresh air, playing with their friends, and just plain fun – but there are also important benefits inherent to a structured physical education curriculum. The more obvious benefits are learning teamwork, sportsmanship, and strength. However, physical activity has been proven to help children improve their concentration, memory, and focus in the classroom. California state standards require 100 minutes of physical activity during the school day each week. MBEF funding provides for credentialed teachers to teach PE, ensuring students have access to high-quality instruction and specific curriculum. Read more here... 


MBEF Giving Day a Success! 
Students, parents and teachers joined together to celebrate the MBEF Giving Day on Wednesday, November 17th. MBEF volunteers handed out yard signs, pencils, erasers, and other fun giveaways during drop off and pick up at each school site. 

The community was inspired by the generosity of MBEF Community Partner, Chevron, who matched the first $100,000 in donations. The day was a tremendous success raising over $500,000 in all! 


Northrop Grumman Supports STEM at MBMS
The catapult. It’s not a word you hear often but the catapult serves the very important function of launching airplanes from aircraft carriers. There have been four different types of catapults used throughout history – the mangonel, the onager, the ballista and the trebuchet – using different types of force: tension, torsion and gravity. This is just one example of a lesson from the Advanced STEM elective offered at Manhattan Beach Middle School (MBMS). Introduced almost ten years ago, the course focuses on integrating collaborative activities and challenges into complex curriculum to bring science to life for students. From building catapults using household items to the classic egg drop activity, students learn the principles of engineering, math and physics while apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Read more here… 


Get In The Know with MBEF's Podcast Series
MBEF's podcast series, In the Know, keeps the local community informed about issues surrounding our local public schools. Twice per month, Ellen Padnos, MBEF Board member and parent, sits down with individuals who are instrumental in the success of our Manhattan Beach schools and community. Here are the most recent podcast episodes:

Cindy Muchnick, co-author of The Parent Compass
Hilary Mahan, MBEF Executive Director
Janet Allen, MCHS School Psychologist

You can catch all In The Know podcasts on iTunes or on the MBEF Website.


Donating Stock – A Smart Way to be Charitable
More families are choosing to donate stock to charities instead of sending a cash donation via check or credit card. This trend is not only a great way to give more using less income but is also one of the most prudent ways to give. When donating a stock that has appreciated for more than a year, there are no capital gains taxes and, in the process, the charity receives 20% more than if the stock had been sold and a cash donation was given. There is also the potential to reduce future capital gains by selling appreciated stocks and resetting the cost basis by purchasing that same stock at the higher price. It is also a great opportunity to rebalance a portfolio by donating a stock that is no longer being maximized. For details on how to donate stock to MBEF, click here. Before proceeding, check with your personal tax advisor on the implications of donating stock.  


Shop & Dine Local this Holiday Season!
It is more important than ever to shop and dine locally this holiday season. Every dollar spent in Manhattan Beach supports not only our business community but also our city services through sales tax revenue. This month many shops are providing extra care and personal service to their customers by offering free local delivery. Help keep our local business community thriving and spend your dollars within the city limits of Manhattan Beach. Shop & Dine Local!


Get the Scoop – Kinder Information Session
MBUSD’s annual Kinder Information Session is scheduled for January 29th at 9:30am at Pacific Elementary. This event is open to all potential incoming kinder parents interested in finding out more about the Manhattan Beach public schools. Learn about the district, individual school sites, and core curriculum from MBUSD’s superintendent, elementary school principals, teachers, students, and more. Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend a breakout session with one of five elementary school principals. Registration is not required.


Show Us Some Love on Social Media
Calling all parents, students, teachers, businesses, and community leaders to follow us on social media. Stay informed on MBEF’s impact on our students of all ages, read the latest articles related to education, and see your support of our schools in action. Join the conversation and tag us if you have something to share about MBEF programs and initiatives on Facebook and Instagram.


Upcoming MBUSD and Community Events 

12/20/21 - 12/31/21
No School - Winter Break
MBMS String Winter Recital in the MPR @3pm - 9pm
MBMS Band Winter Recital in the MPR @3pm - 9pm
No School - Dr. Martin Luther King Day 
12th Grade Parent Night @6pm
This is MBMS in the MPR @6pm 
Kinder Orientation at Pacific @9:30am
1/28/22 - 1/30/22
MBMS Winter Drama Performance in the MPR @3pm - 9pm
MBEF EXPO at Pacific Elementary @2pm - 5pm 
11th Grade Parent Night @6pm
End of 2021/22 Annual Appeal
MBEF would like to recognize the following Community Partners
for their outstanding commitment to our schools:

Benefactor $10,000+ Level


Leader $5,000+ Level


Thank you to all of our Community Partners!
Click here for a full list and to learn more about MBEF's Community Partner Program.

Manhattan Beach Education Foundation

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